About TEC - Taiwan Education Center in Philippines
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About TEC

Our Vision


Taiwan Education Center is a non-profit educational institution joinly established by Taiwan and the Philippines.Taiwan Education Center in Philippines came into being in the context of the global economy and the internationalization of education.Its purpose of running of a school is to meet the needs of local residents in the Philippines for Chinese language learning,to enhance the understanding of Taiwanese language and culture,to promote exchanges and cooperation in education and culture between Taiwan and the Philippines,to develop friendship between Taiwan and the Philippines,and to build a multicultural harmony mechanism.


Our Mission

(1) Provide Chinese language proficiency consulting services, and regularly plan and offer Chinese language courses and cultural courses and activities of various levels in a small class teaching system according to the needs of local students.


(2) To organize teaching training for local teachers in the Philippines. The Chinese Language Center will send outstanding teachers and senior lecturers to the Philippines for Chinese teaching and training, and provide Chinese teaching resources.


(3) Cooperate with local schools and Chinese language education institutions in the Philippines to hold a series of lectures on education and culture. Through practical contact, we can understand the needs of local learners, and then tailor a series of Chinese teaching materials with suitable content and suitable difficulty for Filipino learners. Ultimately, it achieves multiple effects of publicizing and promoting the Chinese language courses of the Taiwan Education Center in the Philippines.


(4) Assist the National Chinese Language Testing Committee in conducting the local Chinese Language Proficiency Test (TOCFL) test.


(5)The website platform of the Taiwan Education Center in the Philippines provides interview guidance and referral services to guide Filipino students to apply for a degree in Taiwan.