School training and assessment - Taiwan Education Center in Philippines
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School training and assessment


Create a Mandarin training and assessment program
that suits your school and meets yours study goals.


We offer practical and engaging courses in conversational Mandarin and courses that meet school curriculum requirements, and we offer comprehensive assessment to track progress.

We will work with you to understand your study goals, identify skills gaps and design a learning programme that suits your needs. Create your customised program

Step 1 - Consultation: Work with us to identify skill gaps and learning goals for your school.
Step 2 - Design: We'll create scalable, customised learning program with relevant, immersive training for your students.
Step 3 - Delivery: Our experienced trainers will deliver your course when you need it, and how you need it.
Step 4 - Evaluation: We'll help you report on student progress and training results.

         Testing and assessments

Through TOCFL testing and assessments, you can know
your level and learing results in Mandarin proficiency.